Our Investment Strategy

Our strategy emphasizes investing for the long-term and bottom-up in approach. While India offers opportunities for economic growth, its business management practices are still evolving. We, therefore, prefer to invest in companies that have proven management as well as strong growth prospects. India is integrating its economy with that the of the world as a result, we focus on companies with globally competitive positions, global mindsets and technological edge, we also look for strong positive cash flow to sustain capital expenditure programs without diluting the company’s capital base. In keeping with our long-term approach, we look for conservative valuations.

Portfolio Risk Control

Recognizing and managing portfolios risk is particularly important in volatile stock markets. We strive for a balance between the various parameters that influence portfolio diversification. At every step of the investment process, we strive to identify and manage various implicit and explicit risks to reduce portfolio volatility.

MMSL'S Promise

MMSL has set a goal to provide qualitative, transparent and efficient services to its clients in various areas of capital markets. It believes that its future lies in giving its clients every reason to want to deal with it again and again. MMSL believes in doing its best to give its clients outstanding services at the lowest possible cost.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is simple: - Think long term, buy fundamentally strong companies at attractive valuations and focus on risk-control through in-depth research. We believe that this basic investment approach results in consistently superior returns over time.

Our Investment Process

We believe that if our process is right, the desired results will follow. Our process for taking investment decisions is disciplined, well planned and focused. We rely significantly on our in-house research.

Our investment professionals spend considerable time on fieldwork; researching and understanding companies and business. Research recommendation is thoroughly debated, resulting in an Action List of the best ideas. Decisions to buy and sell securities are based on this Action List, on specific price targets and on ongoing portfolio reviews. The constant input of ideas from the research analysis enables the portfolio to be developed and managed in efficient manner.


My Money Securities Ltd. has a highly focused and competent equity research division, which is managed by a team of finance professionals. MMSL understands risk and returns well and constantly endeavors to relate them to the client’s profile and expectations. We provide on-line price information and analysis of market trends. We also provide latest news information on economic/political happenings because of our relationship at various government levels.